Claiming Your Life Insurance Policy

The Steps to Claiming Your Life Insurance Policy

  • Collect All Documents

    Collect anything and everything related to your life insurance claim.

  • Deliver All Documentation

    We will need copies of the insurance policy, original application, and all correspondence with the insurance company.

  • Document Review

    Our team will review all of the documents that you provide us at no cost. After this review, we will promptly contact you with options for moving forward with you claim.

  • Contact Your Insurance Co.

    We will contact your insurance company, submit all the claims forms in proper order after it has been thoroughly reviewed by our team of life insurance claims experts. We do all the communication with the claims department, investigators or any other representative from the insurance company.

  • Benefit Delivery Options

    You choose whether you want the insurance company to mail the check to our office or we can have them mail the check directly to you. The difference is we overnight the mail with signatures required. The insurance companies send regular U.S. mail. You tell your friends and family of the wonderful service we provided for you.